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KZ650 Technical Specifications


Engine: DOHC, Inline 4, Air Cooled
Displacement: 652 CC
Valves: 8 Valve (4 Intake / 4 Exhaust) Shim Under-Bucket
Valve Clearance, Cold: 0.08 - 0.18mm (0.003 - 0.007in)
Valve Timing: Inlet:
Open: 22° BTDC
Closed: 52° ABDC
Duration: 250$deg;

Open: 60° BBCD
Closed: 20° ATDC
Duration: 260°
Bore and Stroke: 62 X 54mm (2.44 X 2.13in)
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Compression Pressure: 10-14 kg/cm² (155-185 PSI)
Max Horsepower: 64 @ 8,500 RPM
Max Torque: 5.8kg (41.9 ft-lbs) @ 7,000 RPM
Cam Chain Type: Single Roller or Hy/Vo depending on Model
Lubrication: Forced, Twin Rotor Oil Pump
Oil Type: SAE 10W40 (Recommended)
Oil Capacity: Approx. 3.8L
Cylinder Numbering: Left to Right 1-2-3-4
Firing Order: 1-2-4-3
Idle Speed: 900 - 1,050 RPM

Fuel System

Carburetors: 4 x Mikuni VM24SS
Float Level in Bowl: 29-31mm
Main Jet Size: 102.5
Pilot Jet Size: 15
Fuel Capacity: 16.8L (4.4 US Gallons)
Fuel: Non-leaded Gasoline
Fuel Consumption: Approx. 45 MPG Average
Throttle Cable Play: 2-3mm

Drive Train / Transmission

Clutch Type: Wet, Multi-plate
Recommended Clutch Plate Thickness: 3.7 - 3.9mm
Clutch Cable Play: 2-3mm
Gear Box: 5 Speed Constant Mesh (Manual), Return Shift
Gear Ratios: 1st - 2.33
2nd - 1.63
3rd - 1.27
4th - 1.04
5th - 0.89
Primary Reduction Ratio: 2.55
Final Reduction Ratio: 2.56
Overall Drive Ratio: 5.81 @ Top Gear
Primary and Final Drive Type: Chain / Chain
Drive Chain Length: 102 Links
Recommended Chain Tension: 20-30mm
Shift Pattern: 1-N-2-3-4-5

Ignition System

Starter Type: Electric, Kick (Kick was eliminated on later models)
Ignition Type: Battery, Coil
Pickup Type: Points, Electronic (Points were changed in favor of Electronic on later models)
Spark Plugs: 4 x NGK B7ES, ND W22ES-U or Champion N4
Spark Plug Gap: 0.7 - 0.8mm (0.028 - 0-031in)
Ignition Timing: 10° BTDC @ 1,500 RPM
35° BTDC @ 3,200 RPM
Breaker Point Gap: 0.3 - 0.4mm (0.012 - 0.016in) on models so equipped


Battery: Yusa YB10L (12V 10AH)
Continuous Charge Rate: 1.0A
Headlight: 12V 50/35W
Tail / Brake Light: 12V 8/27W
Turn Signal Lights: 12V 23W
Meter Lights: 12V 3.4W
Neutral Indicator Light: 12V 3.4W
Turn Signal Indicator Lights: 12V 3.4W
High Beam Indicator Light: 12V 3.4W
Oil Pressure Warning Light: 12V 3.4W
Brake Light Failure Indicator Light: 12V 3.4W
Horn: 12V 2.5A
Fuses: 20A (Main)
10A (Head)
10A (Tail)
Alternator: Nippon Denso 0037000-1340
Regulator / Rectifier: Shindengen SH221-12
Ignition Coils: Toyo Denso IGC088K-0000 / IGC089K-0000
Starter Motor: Mitsuba SM224-D

Frame & Suspension

Frame: Tubular Steel, Double Cradle
Front Suspension: Telescopic Forks
Fork Oil Type: 10W40 or 15W Fork Oil
Fork Oil Capacity: 165cc Each Leg (5.6 oz)
Rear Suspension: Swing Arm, Adjustable Twin Shock
Steering Geometry: 63° Rake / 4.25 in trail
Steering Head Angle: 39.5°
Minimum Turning Radius: 2.4m (94.5 in)
Brake Fluid Type: DOT3, DOT4, DOT5
Front Brake Type: 245mm Disc
Minimum Brake Disc Thickness: 6mm
Rear Brake Type: 180 x 40mm Drum (Dual Shoe), 245mm Disc (Discs were used on some later models)
Braking Distance: 12m from 50 kph (29.4 ft @ 31 mph)
Wheels: 14 Spoke Alloy
Tire Size: Front: 3.25H-19 4PR
Rear: 4.00H-18 4PR
Road Clearance: 145mm (5.7 in)
Saddle Height: 31.9 inches
Wheel Base: 1,420mm (55.9 in)
Overall Length: US: 2,170mm (85.4 in) Europe: 2,220mm
Overall Width: 850mm (33.5 in)
Dry Weight: 211kg (465 lbs)
Climbing Angle: 30°
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